By agreeing you are stating that:

1. Payments to the Glistering Melon server is a payment for the virtual items contained in the purchase. This transaction is final and there are no refunds. If you are banned for breaking the rules of the Glistering Melon server, you will not be refunded. Bans are subject to the full discretion of the server admins and can be issued without notice. The rules can be changed at any time. There is no guarantee on being able to enter the server, and if the server is no longer operated the virtual items are forfeit. Refund requests due to issues concerning lag, game glitches, or any other issues are subject to the discretion of the Glistering Melon server administration team. All items are virtual and have no value.

2. You are over the age of 18 OR have parental permission.

3. You have authorization to use the debit/credit card and/or paypal account.

4. You will not chargeback, dispute, reverse any payments.

5. You will not abuse your perks and/or ranks.

6. You understand that the protection of your account log-in information is the sole responsibility of the user. In the event of a compromised account, no purchases will be transferred or refunded.

7. Purchases cannot be transferred to another account. The perks and/or ranks purchased will remain on the account that purchased them.

8. We reserve the right to change, with or without notice, any item price that has been set forth. We also reserve the right to change the contents of a specific item – the benefits of a certain rank can change, and you will not be entitled to the old rank benefits if we change it. Rest assured that no rank benefit, or any other item in the store, will be changed without a valid, server-balancing reason.

9. We reserve the right to change, add or remove, with or without notice, any server rules and you will be expected to follow the new rules without question.

10. You expressly understand and agree that we shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, special, incidental, consequential or exemplary damages, including but not limited to, damages for loss of profits, goodwill, use, data or other intangible loss (even if we have been advised of the possibility of such damages), resulting from or arising out of:

(I) The use of or the inability to use the service, (II) The cost to obtain substitute goods and/or services resulting from any transaction entered into on trough the service, (III) Unauthorized access to or alternation of your data transmissions, (IV) Statements or conduct of any third party on the service, or (V) any other matter relating to the service. Note that by accepting the terms in the document, you are also waiving your right, to take any action, legal or otherwise, against anyone or anything related to the staff, management, administrators, members, owners or any hosts of this server.

11. You furthermore acknowledge that if any part of this document is found to be invalid or unenforceable in any way, any parts not found to be invalid or unenforceable will be considered fully valid and binding.

12. All terms and conditions are in effect indefinitely as soon as the contract is accepted, and will remain to be active even after you quit, are banished, removed, or if you leave the server/forum in any way.

13. All ranks and/or perks purchased from the Glistering Melon server online shop will remain with your user until the Glistering Melon server has been terminate. Should the Glistering Melon server open up again under the same name, domain and administration, the user is entitled to their purchased ranks and/or perks as long as they are still listed in the online shop. For ranks and/or perks no longer listed, a substitute will NOT be awarded.

14. Failure to send or message Warmpopsicle either on the site or Discord about any issues of your purchase is confirming you received what you purchased will count as you expressing you received your purchased package(s).

15. All of these Terms and Conditions become active on the day they are posted on the website, 9/04/2021.