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Name: Custom Chat Tag
Price: 5.50 2.75 USD

Create a custom tag that only YOU can use in-game!


  • Unicode can be used! Please click here to see the known working unicode for Minecraft.
  • Minecraft color codes can be used. Limit of two different colors. Please click here to see the available color codes.
  • Try and keep it as PG-13 as possible. Warmpopsicle will have the final say if he believes it is appropriate for the server.
  • Limit of 6 characters. 
  • Do check the final outcome in-game before sending the final outcome as there will be NO changes made to the tag once submitted. 
  • Please submit the final outcome to Warmpopsicle via Discord through direct message.
  • When formatting the tag please do it properly, see example below.


&bTest or &b[Test]

Please be sure to add in brackets if you would like them, they will not count towards used characters.

This is a completely custom tag and has to be made by Warmpopsicle so please allow upwards of 24 hours for the tag to be created and permissions added to your profile.